About Nikolaev Designs

Nikolaev began her training at 16 we when she apprenticed with a successful goldsmith. From there she trained as a Metal Smith and Fine Artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University, obtaining Bachelor and Master Degrees and later certification from G.I.A.

During the collage years she was influenced by historical Chicago architecture while working in the Antique Jewelry division of the original Marshall Fields department store in downtown Chicago.

Early professional years were spent in the Advertising and Design field where she directed a large corporate art and package design department.

All along nature, mountains and western deserts have inspired her art and craft.

About the Jewelry

  • Each piece is hand made by Nikolaev, with the assistance of one or two talented artisans, in our Tempe Studios; therefore each piece will be slightly different.
  • All pieces are fabricated or a combination of hand cast and fabricated and finished by hand with interesting and ever changing natural textures.
  • All works are created in a very limited edition and are signed and numbered in the tradition of fine art sculpture.
  • All work is made from sterling or fine silver, karat gold, and gems. Occasionally using bronze as a beautiful accent.
  • None of the work is plated or coated so a natural patina will develop but can easily buff to a natural shine.
  • Earring wires are hand made and we often use white gold for purity and strength.